Bash FAQ

What kinds of fundraisers can AAGW help with

Allegheny Arms & Gun Works is most widely known in the area for handling the region’s largest gun bashes but we are also happy to help your group with single or multi gun tickets or tip boards.

Why a gun ticket or tip board

Many organizations are new to fundraisers and these offer the benefits of low initial cost, minimal manpower requirements, and low financial risk with an outstanding rate of return. Additionally, for those considering hosting a bash in the future, these are a great way to build a contact list to ease the transition to a larger event and ensure high ticket sales when it matters.

Why a gun bash?

In short; good food, an exciting atmosphere, and the chance to win prizes worth hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. A gun bash offers the benefit of the highest return in the shortest timeframe. These events are great for groups with high capital needs and lots of manpower available like Volunteer Fire Departments or larger sportsmen’s clubs.

Why Allegheny Arms

AAGW is the regions leader in fundraiser support. Our dedicated Outside Sales team will make the planning and execution of your raffle or event as painless as possible and our high-level buying power and industry relationships allow us to offer the most popular firearms in the industry. Putting together a major event can be difficult, especially navigating the intricacies and politics of a volunteer organization. Allegheny Arms aims to ease the difficulty planning and execution of your event by offering pre-packaged solutions for your raffle or work with your committee to develop a custom prize package. From the initial bid, to on-site transfer of the winners’ new firearms, we have you covered.

How can I schedule an event?

Easy! Just use the form to the right. One of our Outside Sales team members will contact you to set up an appointment to talk about your needs!

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