NFA Engraving

Per BATF regulations, all NFA items must be marked with the makers NAME, CITY, & STATE to a depth of no less than .003” and be legible to the naked eye. At Allegheny Gun Works, we utilize a state of the art Class IV laser marking station that allows us to easily meet or exceed the minimum depth requirement by up to 10 fold ensuring that you and your firearms remain compliant and out of hot water with the government.

We have the ability to engrave on all metal and polymer surfaces including round tubes and inside hard to reach areas providing you with the cleanest, most unobtrusive NFA marking in the industry. The photos here are just a few examples of the engraving that we have done but are far from a comprehensive listing.

*NFA engraving fee is $50 per item plus return shipping and applicable state tax.


In addition to standard BATF required maker’s markings we can also provide custom logos, and even re-create factory markings that have become damaged or obliterated. The photos here are just a sample of the many guns we have customized or restored. Send us an email for a quote on custom engraving today!

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Parts & Accessories

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