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Trigger & Action Tune
Ultra Grade T&A Pack
Adjust trigger to 4 – 4.5# with no creep; polish working surfaces; install steel Speedbump trigger; detail, strip, and clean entire pistol; test firing for functionality
Sight Work
Install Sightmount$45
Install sights in factory dovetails
(92A1, Vertec, Brigadier)
Modify fixed front sight with Fiber Optic
(green, amber, or red)
Install LPA match sight set
(customer supplied sights)
Barrel Work
Fit New Match Grade Barrel$125
Recrown Barrel — E2$40
Recrown Barrel — 60° recessed$40
Recrown Barrel — Custom$40
Thread BBL 1/2-28 with thread protector$100
Thread protector$25
Fabricate and Install Conical Barrel Bushing$165
Slide Work
Mill “F” Slide to “FS” Specifications$55
Mill D series slide to frame safety spec$50
Frame Work
“Deepwell” Hand beveled magwell$100
Dehorn Pistol$45
Re-profile trigger guard (Vertec POR) to Bilennium$100
Re-profile trigger guard (Vertec POR) to SB Style$100
Straighten Frame to Vertec Style, Add Vertical Serrations, NIW Vertec Grip Set$180
Machine Checker Front and Back Straps$150
Beretta 92/96 Frame Safety Conversion
w/ Customer Supplied Safety Components, including anodizing
Beretta 92/96 Frame Safety Conversion
w/ AGW supplied Safety Components
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Note that the price displayed is just an estimate, and may differ from the final price of the work performed. For any questions - please contact us directly.

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