How To Ship Your Gun For Service

Once you have made the (very good) choice to send your firearm to Allegheny Gun Works for service or customization you should follow these steps to ensure it arrives in an efficient and trouble-free manner.

  • Pack up your firearm to prepare it for shipment. First, ensure your firearm is unloaded then using a generous amount of bubble wrap and or packing paper tightly wrap your firearm and one magazine (we recommend 3-4 12″ squares of bubble wrap). DO NOT SEND any bags, cases, or accessories not directly required for the completion of the work you want performed as they WILL NOT BE RETURNED. Please ensure that you include either a completed “Build my Beretta” packing slip or a type-written work order listing your full name, address, phone number, and email address as well as a breakdown of the specific work you’d like done. Next place the firearm and paperwork in a suitable sized box and tape it up well. PLEASE NOTE: a $10 surcharge will be applied to your order if no packing slip or work order with full contact information is provided with the firearm

  • Contact us to arrange for shipping by FedEx 2-day air. We have a long-standing relationship with and trust FedEx more than other carriers and can also offer a discounted shipping rate if you request shipping assistance from AAGW. If you’d like us to provide you with a shipping label we’ll need the dimensions of the box you have selected, your full name, address, phone number, and email address.

  • Attach your shipping label and drop off the package at any FedEx pickup location convenient to you, or call 1-800-GO-FEDEX to schedule a pick-up at your location. Please note the tracking number provided to you by FedEx as this will allow you to verify that your firearm has arrived at our facility. We will only call to confirm the arrival of your firearm if there is an issue with the delivery.

PLEASE NOTE! Your firearm must be returned to the address that it was shipped from originally. If this is an issue please let us know as soon as possible to make other arrangements!