Hi Josh:
My Beretta 92 arrived and all I can say is WOW!!! IT LOOKS FANTASTIC! Thank you for doing such a great job.

Richard R, PA

Hi Josh,

After a year of shooting the 96 (you built) it is impossible for me to tell you how pleased I am with everything that you did. The pistol is such an absolute joy to shoot. When I rack the slide it is smooth as ice and the groups at 10 yards more or less are unbelievably tight and literally improve each time I shoot with standard hard ball commercial ammo. Wow! is all I can say, I think I scare the living s*** out of my peers at the gun club when I pull it out of my bag!

Thanks again!

Steve K, SC


Just got back from the range, and I just want to say, the new sights are PERFECT. I think more accurate at 50ft than the factory – was able to get a nice 2″ grouping. Thanks again!

Aaron M, PA

(My AGW parts) got here yesterday. What an outstanding quality item! Great price for the quality as well!

AW, Texas

Great gun bash at Circleville VFD! Good quality guns, way nice coolers! Hope you continue to supply firearms in the future for them.

David G, PA

Beretta G conversion now has 1000 rds through it! Works like a champ! Accurate little bugger with 124’s!

Les K.

Took that Beretta out today for the first time since you did the action tune on it. Trigger is so smooth and follow up shots are fast and accurate. Amazed at the difference. Thanks for hooking me up and look forward to further business.

William B, PA


I tried those 92 barrels with a suppressor yesterday and your work is TOP NOTCH! Some of the best fitting cans I’ve ever shot. Threads are PERFECT! You do GREAT work Josh, your level of detail and commitment is outstanding! Cheers!

Joe R.


I finally had a chance to take the three pistols to the ranch Saturday and give them all a good wringing out. The triggers, while not terrible to begin with, are smooth as butter now and my groups showed it. I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful job you did.

Jeff L, TX

Hi Josh,

It shoots unbelievably! Very tight gun. I used it in USPSA single stack last year, it provided very accurate shot placement and very dependable all season. Got a lot of compliments on it also, telling all that asked that Allegheny Gun Works built it.

Thanks Josh!

Jason L, PA


FedEx just dropped off the frame and slide. I was like a 8 year old boy on Christmas morning and ripped into box like a dog on a steak. They are OUTSTANDING. Great work. Oh by the way, the spare 92FS Centurion slide that would not fit on any of my 92FS frames now fits on the frame you worked on. Good going. Anyone ask for reference about your work send them to me. YOU THE MAN!

Douglas W.

Hi Josh,

I received the slide today, and am very pleased with your work. Thanks for the fast turn around. Now, I just need to get to the range and see how she prints with 147 grain Gold Dots!

Ed, Ohio

Hey Josh,

I just got my gun back and I love it. You folks did a wonderful job.

Thanks again!

Doug M.


I had an opportunity to shoot my Beretta this morning. You took a very good handgun and turned it into a superb shooting weapon. The trigger both double and single action is incredibly smooth. Thank you for making me a better shooter. If I have any mistakes or flyers now I know it is pilot error without a doubt.

Jim E, NY

Hey Josh. Got the gun yesterday. OMG!!!! Its frkn beautiful!! Came out just like I wanted! I don’t know if I should shoot it or just stare at it! I will definitely be posting it on the net for all to see your handy work! Thank you very much! Very happy with the results!

Patrick, CA

Hi Josh,

Absolutely beautiful work on the threading, adapter and thread cover! Couldn’t be more impressed, sir. Well done and thank you!

Adam S, FL


The 87 slide, barrel and adapter arrived today in fine shape. I would like to add my name to those that laud your craftsmanship. The fit and finish of your work is outstanding and the best I have ever seen! I also appreciate your finishing my small job in less than a week.

Nick P, FL


Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the trigger job you did on my Beretta. When I got it all my shots were low and to the left. After the trigger job, of the first ten rounds, eight of them were in the bulls eye. Nice job, thanks very much. A very satisfied customer!

Ray R, GA

Hi Josh,

Another “thanks” for the Beretta 92fs trigger and optic sight work you did for me last fall. Every time I shoot the gun (frequently) I’m delighted. Trigger is smooooooth.

Thanks again!

Pat G.

Just got home from picking it up. WOW! The pics you sent don’t do it justice. Well done!

Wade A, PA

Hi Josh,

I just wanted to thank you for the fast and professional service that you performed on my P220 barrel! I should also mention that I was very much impressed with the quality of the work, after all, I have been in the quality control field for 33 years!

Thanks again and best regards!

Art I, WA

I got the (AGW) mainspring cap. Thank you! Fits perfect. Color matches perfect. And I like the clean look much better on my Wilson compact.

Shad C.


I got my Beretta 92 SAO (conversion) back from you in a timely manner. You do beautiful work, it’s perfect. I wish Beretta made a gun like this, maybe even with a steel frame.

Thanks again!

Leland L.

Received my parts today, they fit perfectly and I had them installed in a couple of minutes. Pistol feels like a totally different gun (in a good way). Thanks for the great products, can’t wait to get to the range.

Michael L, WA

Hi Josh,

Received my beretta back, hot damn fantastic job I love it. Can’t wait to get it out to shoot and show off. Thanks!

Robert B.

Josh, I don’t know how you did it. Installed the new sights, lined them up to shoot straight and with just the slide but you did!!! It’s more accurate than the factory. With the factory sights it was a little to the left. Went to the range Wednesday and was very pleased. Job well done. Thanks!

Andy P.