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Allegheny Arms & Gun Works

 Allegheny Arms and Gun Works is the Pittsburgh Area’s premier one-stop-shop firearms retail location. Our Allegheny Arms team believes that our job doesn’t begin and end at the sales counter.

With our 30+ years of experience in the industry, not only do we strive to ensure our customers are as informed about their products as possible prior to the sale but are happy to provide continuing education after the sale. With our team of NRA and manufacturer-certified armorers and instructors, you can rest assured you will receive the best possible advice and training available.

On top of our Allegheny Gun Works team being a full service firearms repair and custom shop, we are the nation’s only bespoke pistolsmiths specializing primarily in the customization of Beretta 92 series pistols. May it be a simple repair to your hunting rifle, or a full custom race gun, AGW, with our decades of experience, can make your firearm dreams into reality.

Have questions about our services? Feel free to explore our site and FAQ page. We look forward to your business.