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Transfer Services

Transfer Services

Firearm Transfer Services

Every year, Allegheny Arms & Gun Works handles thousands of non-inventory firearms transfers and are happy to provide this service to our customers. While the vast majority of the transfers we process go smoothly, there is an occasional snag.
In order to ensure your transaction goes as efficiently as possible we ask that you take the time to read the below instructions in their entirety to prevent unnecessary delays in getting your new firearm.

Transfer Services

Person to Person

Pennsylvania generally requires personal sales of handguns and any other firearms with barrels under 18” for shotguns and 16” for rifles to be transferred through a licensed dealer in order to have the necessary background check completed. We offer this service to our customers at a nominal $30 per firearm.

We understand that there are some circumstances such as disposition of estates that may require multiple firearms to be transferred to the same individual. In those cases, we try to make the process as efficient as possible and ask that you contact us for details. If this is your situation, please give us a call at 412-409-2925 or email

Transfer Services

Gunbroker Purchases

If you are making a purchase on Gun Broker, simply select us as your receiving dealer during checkout. Once you have completed that step during the sale review process, your seller can download our current FFL & SOT directly from their website on the “Sold Orders” page directly under the “View Order” button. If your Gunbroker seller is not a current FFL holder, they may not be able to download our license. 

 Those individuals should follow the above instructions for Non-Gunbroker Interstate Transfers. If your seller is a current FFL holder themselves and has an issue downloading our license, they can simply email with a copy of their license and we will respond in kind within 1 business day. This service is $40 per firearm.

Once your firearm has been shipped, please follow the tracking information your seller provides. Once you see that the item has been delivered, please allow us up to 24 hours to contact you letting you know your item has been received into our system and is ready for pickup. 

Please DO NOT COME TO THE STORE to pick up your item until the Allegheny Arms staff has notified you that it is ready to be transferred. Our receiving department has to assign their resources by priority and will not be able to process your transfer while you wait. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours of your package being delivered, however, please feel free to call us at that time to verify we have received your item.
We attempt to contact all customers by phone when their packages arrive so please be sure your seller includes all of your information with the package. As the overwhelming majority of customers either cannot accept messages or simply do not listen to them, WE WILLNOT LEAVE VOICEMAIL. We strongly recommend you add our number (412-409-2925) to your contact list so any missed calls can easily be identified. Please note that AAGW has no involvement in your purchase or related shipping / tracking until the item arrives at our store and all questions prior to that should be addressed with your seller directly.
Regarding pickups, it is the buyers’ responsibility to answer their phone when we call or to otherwise contact us to arrange a pickup time. AAGW will hold all transferred firearms for 30 days at no charge to allow time for all of our buyers to transfer their firearm(s). Regardless of verbal or written contact with the buyer, on day 31, we will begin to assess a $5 per day, per firearm storage fee for an additional 1 month. On day 60, we will return the item to its original owner.

Transfer Services

Interstate Transfers

Non-Gun Broker

We will gladly accept firearm transfers from out of state FFL’s as well as private individuals. The fee for this service is $40 per firearm including the PICS background check. If you choose to purchase a firearm outside the local area and require it to be shipped to us, simply ask your seller to email us directly at with a copy of their current FFL/SOT license and we will respond in kind within 1 business day.
If your seller is not an FFL holder, they can email their name, current address, and phone number as well as the make and model of the firearm to be shipped and we will respond with a redacted copy of our documentation within the same 1 day window. Alternately, they are able to verify our current license and shipping address using our FFL number (8-25-07433) at

Transfer Services

Outbound Shipping

Allegheny Arms offers fast and secure outbound firearms transfers for $20 per firearm plus the actual cost of shipping. We utilize FedEx & USPS and will select the most effective carrier for your shipment depending on required delivery times and insurance needed. All firearms originating from AAGW must be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensee to include antiques and relics.
When you drop your firearm off for shipment we ask that you provide us, at minimum, with the receiving dealers’ full contact information as well as that of the buyer. If possible, we prefer that you, the shipper, attempt to acquire the receiving dealers’ FFL prior to dropping off your firearm. We understand that many dealers will not provide their license to non-licensees and if that is the case, we ask that you have them email it directly to referencing your name and the subject firearm. We cannot ship the firearm until we have a valid FFL copy so obtaining this prior to dropping your firearm off will save time.
Allegheny Arms cannot accept pre-packaged firearms for shipment as we must be able to verify and record the firearm information into our bound book.
We will provide the necessary disposable packaging to get your gun to its destination safely including a box, bubble wrap, and packing paper. If you prefer to add extra protection in the form of a plastic hard case, we have them for sale at a nominal cost but keep in mind that shipping rates are based on the size and weight of the package and adding a case or accessories to your shipment may drastically increase the postage rate.
When you drop off your firearm, we collect the initial $20 handling fee as well as whatever documentation you may have. Once we have your item packed and postage prepared, we will contact you to collect the balance of your postage and you will receive your tracking information at that time. While we make every effort to ensure same-day shipping, we do ask that you allow us up to 1 business day to process your item for shipping. Again, your firearm cannot ship until we have a copy of the receiving dealer’s FFL so the sooner you can get that on the way, the better.
We insure all shipments at full replacement value and this cost will be included in the quoted shipping fee. Even though the necessity to make an insurance claim is extremely rare we feel this protection is money well spent as we have witnessed others who have opted not to insure a shipment and then regretted it.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you soon!