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Estate Services & Appraisals

Estate Services & Appraisals

Licensed estate firearms broker

From appraisals to liquidations, we can help! When a family member or friend passes, it becomes the survivors’ duty to ensure their prized possessions are handled in the most efficient and respectful way possible. Whether you choose to distribute items to the next generation or liquidate them, our caring and well informed staff can provide accurate estate appraisals and help you decide the best legal and low stress means to disperse your firearms and equipment collection. 

Contact us first!

As a licensed estate firearms dealer, we are regularly approached by family members and friends interested in selling all or a portion of a firearms collection. While we’re more than happy to help at any point, we HIGHLY recommend contacting us as soon as possible. All too often in the fog that surrounds the passing of a loved one, we see some of the rarest and highest value items from a collection unknowingly get sold off for pennies on the dollar. Even if you decide to give it all away, do so empowered with knowledge.