Gunsmith Services

Allegheny Arms is a full service firearms repair and custom shop. Our professional gunsmiths have over 20 years in the industry and are ready and willing to help you get the most out of your firearms. Whether is a simple repair to your hunting rifle, or a full custom race gun, AGW can make your firearm dreams into reality. For information on sending your firearm in for service, please see our shipping information.


Hourly Services
General Shop Labor $60 / hr
Barrel Work
Fit New Barrel $125
Recrown Barrel $40
Thread BBL from $75
Fabricate Thread protector $65
Polish Feed Ramp $25
Frame Work
Bevel Magazine Well $60
Dehorn Pistol $75
Round Trigger Guard $75
Countersink mag / slide release $30
NFA Engraving $50*
Fire Control Engraving $25
AR Pattern Work (Upper Receiver)
Assemble Upper (Including Headspace) $50
Install barrel onto stripped receiver $25
Replace barrel on complete upper $35
Headspace Barrel $10
Replace Sight Tower with Lowpro Gas Block $30
Cross drill and pin Gas Block $45
Pin and Weld Muzzle Device $45
Install or replace Muzzle Device $15*
Cut, Crown, and thread barrel $115
AR Pattern Work (Lower Receiver)
Assemble lower receiver $30
Change buttstock tube $15
Install fire control $10*
Sight Work
Cut front dovetail $50
Rear Novak Dovetail $100
Rear Bomar Dovetail $225
Install Sights $25*
Install red dot mount $45
General Scope Mounting $30
Boresight $20
Slide Work
Fit slide $125
Checker Front or Rear of frame $225
Cut Cocking Serrations $85
Serrate Slide Top $100
French Cut Slide $75
Lower and Flare Ejection Port $75
Checker or Serrate Slide Rear $75
Trigger Work
Trigger Job $100
Fit Thumb Safety $75
Fit Grip Safety $150
Remove Trigger Serrations $55
Bob Hammer $50
Cerakote Complete Pistol $175
Cerakote Slide Only $70
Cerakote Frame Only $125
Spec+ Type 3 Hardcoat Pistol Frame $125
Parkerize Comlete Pistol $125
Parkerize Slide Only $50
Parkerize Frame Only $75
Parkerize Rifle or Shotgun $200
Bead Blast SS Pistol $120


Beretta G conversion now has 1000 rds through it! Works like a champ! Accurate little bugger with 124's!

Custom Packages

Standard Service & Reliability Package $85*
Detail strip and deep cleaning
Full safety inspection
Replacement of wear-prone springs
Lubrication to factory standards
High polish feed ramp
*Base price; final pricing dependent on actual labor and parts required.
Kahr K9/K40 Carry Package $665
Light dehorn
Hand cut "Deepwell" magwell funnel
Checker front strap 30lpi
AGW SS guide rod
AGW Hi-reliability Spring Package
Basic trigger job
Polish feed ramp
Recrown barrel 60° recessed
Meprolight sights
SIG Classic Series Carry Package $775
Light dehorn
Round the trigger gaurd
Hand cut "Deepwell" magwell funnel
Checker front strap 30lpi
Forward cocking serrations
AGW SS guide rod
Bob hammer
AGW Hi-reliability Spring Package
SIG factory Short trigger
Standard trigger job
AGW G10 grip panels
Re-anodize Spec+ type3 hard coat
Cerakote all steel parts
Polish feed ramp
Recrown barrel 60° recessed target
Meprolight night sights
Short Reset Trigger kit Add $55
Trijicon night sights Add $50
Recountour feedramp to feed hollow point ammo (P6 only) Add $30
P6 Carry Package $750
Light dehorn
Round the trigger guard
Open magwell
Checker front strap 30lpi
Re-anodize type3 hard coat
Forward cocking serrations
French cut rear of slide
SS guide rod
Bob hammer
Wolff Spring Package
Factory short trigger
Trigger job
Stipple factory grips
Remove unsightly markings and Cerakote slide
Polish and recontour feed ramp
Recrown barrel
Meprolight sights
HK USC to UMP Conversion $300
Modify UMP lower to semi and fit to USC
Mill (5) cooling slots into USC receiver
Mill UMP magazine slot in USC
Dye older grey USC to Black*
Mill UMP bolt to operate in USC
NFA compliant engraving
*Deduct $50 for factory Black USC

NFA Engraving

In addition to all you see above, we also offer NFA engraving to keep you out of hot water with the law.